The OrkWeb installers provided below are the easiest way to deploy the database logging (OrkTrack) and web UI (OrkWeb) software to your system.

These installers provide the option of installing Tomcat 7 and Java JRE 7 on your system, both required by OrkWeb and OrkTrack. However, before you proceed with the installation, you need to download and install MySQL (or another SQL-based database, see documentation).

Manual Deployment

You can also deploy OrkWeb and OrkTrack manually by downloading the package below and following the instructions in the README.txt file.

WARNING: if you are upgrading OrkWeb/OrkTrack from 0.5-311, the database schema has changed. Please use the database script file: updateOrekaDB_to_v1.zip. It includes a README.txt file and a .sql script file with details in the header.

System Requirements